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Tourism in BelizeAn adventurer's paradise, Belize is your peaceful, English-speaking neighbor only two hours away from 3 major U.S. Gateways. With a diversity of adventure opportunities unmatched by any other country, the Belize people have protected 40% of the country as parks and natural reserves.

Belize is on the Caribbean coast, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala and offers an intriguing mix of tropical forests rich with wildlife, majestic 3,675 foot mountains, mysterious Maya temples, and diving and fishing experiences beyond compare. In a single day you can go from tropical forest to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

And the people are as warm and friendly as the climate. For the outdoor enthusiast and adventure traveler, Belize presents unlimited opportunities. You might say that Belize is the outdoors. You may not find a lot of big nightclubs, expensive shopping, or fancy restaurants. You will find diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, bird watching and exploring nature at its best.

For the special interest traveler, Belize offers a great diversity of attractions and activities both inland and offshore. Whether you choose to travel alone, with a group, or accompanied by your family, your options are numerous. The following specialty travel pages can help you plan your vacation as well as learn more about some of these interests.

Below are some tips that hold true for your travels throughout Belize.

  • All tour guides must be licensed. The Belize Tourism Board, with the assistance of educational institutions and other tourism groups, holds training and certification programs for tour guides several times a year throughout the country.
  • Boat operators are required to have life jackets on board.
  • Ground transportation vehicles are required to have seat belts.